Piping & Cabling

Complicated Routed Systems Often Create Major Bottlenecks

Between pipes, cables, hoses and wires, engineers often struggle with routed systems in their designs. When designs inevitably change, large assemblies and complex routing can often lead to endless hours of grueling rework.

Treating Piping & Cabling Like an Afterthought is a Costly Recipe for Disaster

Few teams invest the resources needed to get the most out of their piping tools. Even fewer are using them as a springboard for further automation. The results add costly iterations to project lifecycles and significantly slow time-to-market.

Traditional Solutions for Managing Piping Libraries are Tedious, Confusing and Complicated

Creating robust, data-rich libraries requires significant IT resources and in-house development. Worse still, managing these libraries puts serious strain on your team’s day-to-day responsibilities that could be spent in more valuable areas.

Common Challenges

Inflexible, Tedious Routed Designs

Haphazard Parts Libraries

Poor Data Fidelity & Data Reuse

The Answer: Turn One of Your Biggest Headaches Into Your Biggest Assets with a Cloud-Managed, Single Source of Truth

Library Management

  • Enable spec-driven piping
  • Increase data reuse with high-fidelity fitting and line stock libraries


  • Create rigid or flexible hose geometry with point-and-click automatic routing that ensure optimized designs, real-time collision avoidance, and more
  • Works seamlessly with CadActive's spec-driven piping solutions, allowing engineers to pick from specs defined in Spec-Driven Piping configuration - no more downstream manufacturing headaches from wrong clicks 


  • Extract cable geometry into solids and re-create your cable or harness using Sweeps instead of Cable geometry
  • Improve model performance


  • Use external data (.NWF, .CSV, .XML) to automatically create your routed systems and ensure proper end-to-end connectivity

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