Environments & Standards

Out-of-Sync Settings & Standards Turn Small Problems Into Bigger Headaches

Large assemblies and complex PLM systems can turn simple discrepancies into days or weeks of manual changes to your CAD designs. As teams and product portfolios grow, so too does tedious, remedial work.

Teams Are Under Constant Pressure to Improve Their Design Processes

Project deadlines mean that teams are constantly choosing production over process. Meanwhile, inconsistent design standards mean that engineers are constantly checking, validating and conforming existing work.

Even When the Right Solution is Clear, Lack of Coordination Often Undermines Good Intent

Dispersed teams and growing headcount make it increasingly difficult to train new and existing employees on the latest best practices. Siloed design knowledge means that process IP can be easily lost when key employees turnover.

Common Challenges

Inconsistent Design Language

Lack of Standard Templates

Costly Rework & Hidden Errors

The Answer: Cloud-Managed Design Standards Keep the Team in Sync

The CadActive Platform

To align with your evolving goals and objectives, our platform is arranged into four design packages: Synchronize, Standardize, Automate and Optimize. Each successive tier of the platform unlocks additional functionality to further strengthen your engineering organization.

Config Profile Management
Mapkey Management
Apply Model Templates
Component Parameter Management 
Simplified Representations Management
Feature Synchronize Standardize Automate Optimize
Automate Modeling From Templates
Create Notes & Annotations

Interested in the CadActive Platform?

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More on Specific Features

Config Profile Editor

  • Manage, create, and share your team's unique config settings
  • Establish multiple config profiles to meet the needs of specific users, projects, or customers

Apply Model Templates

  • Detect missing data and apply organization standards within already built parts, assemblies, and drawings
  • Avoid missing data downstream and potential errors or conflicts in the design process

Simplified Representations Management

  • Work with a specific portion of an assembly without having to load the whole model
  • Helps with model performance, and separates Creo from other CAD platforms

Note Builder

  • Build a database of standard notes to be shared and reused across models
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