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Creo Simulation Live

With Creo Simulation Live, evaluate and test your virtual prototype in real time. Powered by ANSYS, Simluation Live’s interface integrates with CAD and CAE data. 

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Technical Info for Creo Simulate

Now Available in Creo Parametric

Key Benefits

  • Use the complete structural, thermal, and vibration analysis solution
  • Have instantaneous simulation results
  • Update your analysis in real time as users edit designs
  • Run the simulation without completing geometry preparation or meshing
  • Reduce costs and increase efficiency 
  • Take advantage of finite elements analysis (FEA) capabilities


  • Test the natural frequencies of you system and mode shapes with Modal and Buckling Analysis
  • Analyze the structural integrity of your components with Static Structural Analysis
  • Complete fluid dynamics in real-time with Fluid Flow Simulation
  • Only functions on a NVIDIA CUDA-enabled graphics card and with a minimum of 4 GB RAM

Check out PTC’s page on Simulation Live for more information.

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