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Creo Simulate

With Creo Simulate, analyze your product’s structural and thermal performance before creating more prototypes.

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Technical Info for Creo Simulate

Now Available in Creo Parametric

Key Creo Simulate Features

  • Includes analysis capabilities, convergence capabilities, design studies, general modeling tools, and structural boundary conditions

Convergence and Design Studies

  • Use P-type Finite Element methodology
  • Have control over convergence data
  • Perform design studies that include CAD model parameters and dimensions as independent variables

General Modeling Tools

  • Coordinate systems with history-based, associative, parametric features
  • Use the material library which includes typical metals, typical plastics, and user-defined materials

Analysis Capabilities

  • Analysis capabilities include linear static, static, and modal structural analysis
  • Use NASTRAN solver to analyze linear static and modal structure
  • Use ANSYS solver to perform linear static structural analysis, modal structural analysis, and linear steady state thermal analysis

Structural Boundary Conditions

  • Define planar, pin, ball, mirror constraints, and cyclic symmetry constraints
  • Create boundaries for force, moment, pressure, bearing, temperature, and gravity loads
  • Import loads from Creo Mechanism Analysis

Thermal Boundary Conditions

  • Specify heat loads in terms of total or density value
  • Specify boundary conditions on geometry
  • Prescribe convection conditions and temperatures

If you’re looking for more, check out PTC’s post on Beyond Simulate.

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