Reverse Engineering

Creo Reverse Engineering Extension allows engineers to make 3D CAD models of physical products. Improve design quality from the prototype with REX.

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Technical Info for Reverse Engineering

Now Available in Creo Parametric

Key Benefits

  • Work with point cloud data and polygonal data by scanning physical prototypes
  • Use Creo’s analysis tools to analyze the surface and check for deviations from facet data
  • Take advantage of full integration with Creo Parametric
  • Improve past designs without original data


  • Reduce noise and fill noise in scanned data with Point Cloud Refinement 
  • Redistribute facets or remove erroneous facets with Dynamic Facet Modeling
  • Construct curves on a facet or through points with Flexible Curve Creation
  • Construct a surface from a network of curves or from a box or boundary with Flexible Surface Creation
  • Analyze the deviation between surfaces and organic shapes or between the model and the original point cloud with verification

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