Mold Machining

Creo Mold Machining Extension, powered by ModuleWorks, optimizes molds, dies, electrodes, and prototype machining. Have specialized, 3-axis, numerically controlled machining capabilities all within Creo Parametric.

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Technical Info for Machine Molding

Now Available in Creo Parametric

Key Benefits

  • Create toolpaths directly on solid models, which reduces your products time-to-market
  • No data translation is required for CAD/CAM
  • Make optimal mold, tool, die, and electrode toolpaths


  • Take advantage of 3-axis milling and 4/5-axis positioning milling
  • Use the tool and fixture library
  • Simulate molds with ModuleWorks-based NC Simulation

For more information, check out PTC’s MMX in Subtractive Manufacturing.

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Advance Your Designs

CadActive offers custom packages so that you can get the most out of Creo Parametric.

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