Human Factors

With Creo Human Factors and Human Factor Analysis, also known as Manikin and Manikin Analysis, easily analyze human interactions with your designs.

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Technical Info for Human Factors

Now Available in Creo Parametric


  • Simulate how people use the product to reduce time and costs associated with physical prototyping
  • Use advanced reporting capabilities to share problems with how people use the product
  •  Check that your product conforms with safety, health, ergonomic, and workplace guidelines


  • Position and capture a manikin in a certain posture that is best for your design
  • Replace manikins to ensure validity of the algorithm
  • Analyze clash, collision, distance, clearance, mass, and more
  • Conform to H-ANIM standard: ISO/IEC 19774

For more information, check out PTC’s page on ergonomics

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