Harness Manufacturing Extension

Harness Manufacturing Extension optimizes the process for creating manufacturing documentation and electrical harnesses. Harness optimization decreases manufacturing costs and allows for a quicker, more seamless design process. 

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Technical Info for Harness Manufacturing

Now Available in Creo Parametric


  • With an intuitive user interface, easily standardize manufacturing documentation at any point in the design process
  • Reduce costs by creating documentation to send to multiple manufacturers
  • Minimize iterations of prototypes
  • Analyze manufacturing impact on different harness routing concepts

Harness Manufacturing Advanced

  • Use more electrically active components
  • Use more wires, bundles, cables, and over braids
  • Use sub-harnesses
  • Use a variable drawing sheet
  • Automatically generate component views and balloon items
  • Export BOM in a CSV file format

Learn more about harness manufacturing thorough PTC’s university learning connector

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This extension is a CadActive focal point. We offer implementation, training, consulting, and automation for this module.

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