Expert Moldbase

With Creo Expert Moldbase Extension (EMX), improve your moldbase design and detailing. Preview your design before Creo automatically places the component.

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Technical Info for Expert Moldbase

Now Available in Creo Parametric

With EMX, you can:


  • Allows concurrent designing and engineering
  • Take advantage of tutorials and documentation associated with EMX
  • Utilize specialized 2D GUI for custom moldbases and component
With EMX, you can:


  • Automate components such as holes, threads, counterbores, and more. 
  • Simulate mold openings with slider, lifter, and ejector simulations
  • Reduce rework costs by simulating interferences and using standard components
  • Automate detailed drawing, hole charts, and BOMs
With EMX, you get:

Supplier Catalogs

  • Choose from a catalog of standard components such as DME, HASCO, FUTABA, PROGRESSIVE, and STARK, and more
  • Create your own customized components

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