Design Exploration

With Creo Design Exploration, find design alternatives faster. By using “checkpoints,” Creo DEX allows users to revert back to old designs and eliminates the need for multiple versions of design data.

Check out the datasheet for more information!

Technical Info for Design Exploration

Now Included With Every License of Creo Parametric


  • Go back and forth between checkpoints to compare designs
  • Capture whole design sessions or specific changes


  • Create different designs simultaneously
  • Forget manual data duplication and inefficient session clean-up 
  • Split designs into two different designs to compare


  • Evaluate designs without losing past versions
  • Simultaneously evaluate different designs
  • Store design in one encrypted and compressed file

For more on DEX, check out PTC’s page on concept design.

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Advance Your Designs

CadActive offers custom packages so that you can get the most out of Creo Parametric.

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