Clearance and Creepage

Creo CCX ensures product safety and optimizes the electrical clearance and creepage analyses. Minimize risk of product failure and increase design efficiency with Creo CCX.

See the Creo CCX Datasheet for more detailed information.

Technical Info for Clearance and Creepage

Now Available in Creo Parametric

With CCX, you get:

More Accuracy

  • Automate clearance and creepage analysis and maintain mechatronic elements in your designs
  • Easily find product safety problems
  • Reduce the time and money spent on prototyping and rework
  • Reduce the rate of product recalls
With CCX, you get:

Better Functionality

  • Create and verify measurements for proper insulation, nets, components, and assembly quilts
  • Add the Comparative Tracking Index (CTI) to define the conductivity of components
  • Lock in components to ensure accurate paths
  • Save CCX results so that your team can review analyses
With CCX, you can:

Meet Certification Requirements and More

  • Meet certification requirements such as EL, IEC, and CSA
  • Integrate with Windchill PLM and the Design Exploration Extension (DEX) to ensure electrical product safety in your designs
  • Overcome electrical challenges whether you are in industries such as Automotive, Aerospace and Defense, or Electronics

For more information, check out PTC’s page on Clearance and Creepage.

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