Behavioral Modeling

Creo Behavioral Modeling Extension (BMX) automatically designs the best model for you. Through design studies, smart models, and an open environment that uses calculated results from external programs, BMX automates your design process. 

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Technical Info for Behavioral Modeling

Now Available in Creo Parametric

With BMX, you get:

Perform Design Studies

Define engineering goals and see where your design is flexible with:

  • Feasibility Studies: specify limits and constraints to iterate model dimensions
  • Optimization Studies: automatically find the optimal design based on feasibility studies
  • Multi-Objective Design Studies: find optimal designs by experimenting on contradicting design constraints 
With BMX, you can:

Perform Analyses

BMX has an open environment that uses calculated results from external programs to perform analyses such as:

  • Datum Analysis: create parameters, such as mass, based on different datum features and calculations in your model, such as your model’s center of gravity
  • User-Defined Analyses: make custom calculations based on construction features 
  • Excel Analysis: link your model to Excel 
  • Prime Analysis: link your model to PTC Mathcad 
With BMX, you can:

Track Model Performance in Real-Time

  • Smart models give designs built-in intelligence to understand its function. As you make changes to the design, smart models will maintain the design intention by following requirements.
  • Track measurements and model performance
  • Evaluate “what-if” scenarios and apply statistical specifications 
  • See results of BMX with Creo Simulate 

For more info on BMX, check out PTC’s Quick Introduction to BMX!

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