Advanced Assembly

With Creo Advanced Assembly Extension, easily manage large assemblies, design automation, and share assemblies.

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Technical Info for Advanced Assembly

Now Available in Creo Parametric

With AAX, you can:

Design Large Assemblies

  • Simplify large assemblies with top-down design tools to efficiently build skeleton models and share future design intent
  • Customize designs according to your special requirements
  • Use one-way associative models to make changes to parent models
With AAX, you can:

Manage Large Assemblies

  • Change your designs knowing that features will be propagated to manufacturing information
  • Create envelope parts to substitute detailed design assemblies
  • Understand where aspects of the top down design come from through references and dependencies
With AAX, you can:

Share Large Assemblies

  • Create designs and key geometry features with multiple designers
  • Share design interfaces between sub-assemblies and components
  • Engage in collaboration between engineers and manufacturing stakeholders to increase communication and reduce costs

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