Additive Manufacturing

The Creo Additive Manufacturing Extension lets you design, optimize, and validate complex geometry created with additive manufacturing. The extension now includes lattice modeling with the Delaunay algorithm, tray assembly modification, automation capabilities, and custom cell improvements. For more information from PTC, click here.

Technical Info for Additive Manufacturing

Now Available in Creo Parametric

With AMX, you get:

Lattice Creation

  • Simultaneously address multiple design issues such as structure, weight, and cost
  • Instantly change between full geometry, simplified, or homogenized models created by Creo
  • Auto-position and nest multiple components to save time and mone
With AMX, you get:

Printer Support

  • Auto-position your model in the tray for printing
  • For polymer printing, directly connect to Stratasys, 3D Systems, and Materialise-enabled printers to understand build time, material usage, and color assignment 
  • For metal printing, use the capabilities of polymer printing plus create support structures needed for metal printing
With AMX, you get:

Plus Extension for Materialise

  • Engage with Materialise to improve printing.
  • Connect right to metal printers in the Materialise Library
  • Create metal support structures appropriate for your design

Check out PTC’s Top Ten Advantages of Additive Manufacturing to learn more!

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