Maintain better design standards and data without guesswork or administrative hassle

The Challenge

Product design teams often approach new projects without clear and systematic rules for the way they design. Without clear standards in place, engineers find themselves constantly checking, validating and conforming existing work to match project-level requirements. CadActive Synchronize eliminates the constant headaches by making it easy to institute best practices and maintain common design standards. 

How We Help

Establish Modeling Conventions

Component Designations

  • Use the Designation Tool to easily name components individually or in bulk via .csv input.
  • Check for conflicting designations, so you don’t name two pieces of equipment the same thing.
  • Create 'compound designations,' in case you have identical pieces of equipment at different levels of an assembly (i.e. Shelf1.Component)

Easily Maintain Design Standards

Manage Config Profiles & Mapkeys

  • Manage, create, and share your team's unique config settings
  • Establish multiple config profiles to meet the needs of specific users, projects, or customers
  • Determine mapkeys for the team

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