Drive cross-team collaboration through more consistent templates and deliverables

The Challenge

Dispersed teams and growing headcount make it increasingly difficult to reduce modeling inefficiencies from poorly communicated design intent. At the same time, product timelines mean that engineers are constantly choosing production over repeatability. Make one of your biggest weaknesses your biggest assets by using CadActive Standardize to create more data-rich models, templates and downstream deliverables.

How We Help

Reduce Point-and-Click Monotony

Publish Model Geometry

  • Publish independent local geometry references
  • Identify mating interfaces in library models for easy placement and assembly

Clearly Communicate Design Intent

Manage Model Templates

  • Detect missing data and apply organization standards within already built parts, assemblies, and drawings.
  • Avoid missing data downstream and potential errors or conflicts in the design process.

Component Parameter Management

  • Expands the capability of the designator, allowing the user to designate a wide variety of component parameters
  • Define standard components via model templates, parameter profiles, or by all component parameters

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