SettingSync is a simple and straightforward front-end interface that allows users to create configuration profiles for Creo Parametric.

Most CAD administrators waste hundreds of hours creating personalized batch scripts to create, configure, and deploy environment configuration settings for Creo Parametric. Although these scripts often get the job done, they become very difficult to maintain over time, and can be cumbersome to maintain as your design team starts to scale. This application not only builds the same level of automation, but standardizes other details about your users’ environments that a simple batch script would not be able to do.

  • User-friendly web interface to create and maintain configuration “Profiles” for your organization
  • Create company standards to ensure that your team is all working under the same conditions
  • Reduce support calls by ensuring a user’s custom configuration setting isn’t problematic
  • Ensure standard start-parts (model templates) are used properly
  • Enforce ModelCHECK settings, default layers, and more
  • Automatically deploy configuration files to your engineering team so that your users are never out of sync
  • Make sure the right config settings are used by the right people – share profiles with the appropriate users in your organization
  • Share mapkeys, and ensure that they won’t conflict across your user base


Configure your CAD environment in minutes


  • Make Creo Administration easy
  • Easy sharing of configuration and mapkey profiles across teams and projects
  • Automatically deploy files to your users


per user per month

User License

Monthly Updates

New features and bug fixes means no more outdated software

Integrated into Creo

No matter what version of Creo you're running, we've got you covered

Easy installation + deployment

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