RsysConfig is a simple and straightforward front-end interface that allows users to create and define the back-end of routed systems in Creo Parametric. No more digging through configuration files or hiring external specialists!

Interested in Spec-Driven Piping, but not sure where to start? Our software can automatically create specifications based on your current designs. You’ll get access to spec-driven piping instantaneously, without having to worry about a tedious setup.

  • User-friendly web interface to configure Spec-Driven Piping for your organization
  • Up to 10x reduction in piping design times
  • Define a Master Catalog of standard pipes & fitting hardware
  • Leverage industry specifications from ASME, ISO, and more
  • Seamless migration allows you to instantly translate existing Creo 2 or 3 data to the new file formats in Creo 4, 5, and 6
  • Validate your fitting models to ensure consistent modeling of entry features – no need to manually add or edit parameters
  • Automatically deploy resource files to your engineering team so that your users are never out of sync
  • Make sure the right specs are used by the right people – share specifications and projects with the appropriate users in your organization

Converting Existing Spec-Driven Piping Data to Creo Parametric?

If you have Spec-Driven Data and are migrating to Creo Parametric, you will have to convert your resource files.
Don't even think about doing this manually, RsysConfig can handle this too!


Need a Spec-Driven Piping Implementation?

Is your team interested in using Spec-Driven Piping?

We can help configure your database to meet your needs.

From creating or updating fitting library models and setting up your spec projects to training your users, we provide your complete Spec-Driven Piping solution.


Configure piping libraries in minutes

  • Leverage industry standards or define your own
  • Seamless upgrade of piping data to new required file formats in Creo 4, 5, and 6
  • Easy sharing of specs across teams and projects

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Videos + Additional Content

Benefits of Spec-Driven Piping

If you are modeling pipes in Creo Parametric, you should be using Spec-Driven Piping. This video demonstrates how this free extension within Creo’s Piping module can streamline your design efforts by helping you generate piping models at least 400% faster (seriously!) and reducing iterations by eliminating errors.

RsysConfig: Spec-Driven Piping Made Easy

Despite the significant benefits, most organizations fail to take advantage of Spec-Driven Piping because of the complexity associated with its deployment and data management. This video introduces RsysConfig – a new web-based interface by CadActive that allows users to create and define their Spec-Driven Piping configuration. Also, see how quick and easy it is to migrate your existing spec-driven data from Creo 2 or 3 to the new file formats in Creo 4!

Creo Spec-Driven Piping - Powered by CadActive - LiveWorx 2017

This video provides an overview of the benefits of Spec-Driven Piping and how RsysConfig can put the power of Spec-Driven Piping into your team’s hands.

Download the slides here: Ignite Talk – CadActive

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