Automated & Spec-Driven Piping

Create pipes and hoses in your designs without any click-heavy processes

Complex Piping Systems Often Create Major Design Bottlenecks

The Piping module in Creo allows users to accurately model piping installations. However, the time to create pipelines, linestocks, and fittings in the Piping module is substantial and the margin for error across an organization is very high. Whether line stocks are undefined or fittings are misaligned, piping can present a number of challenges to a team in their design process.

To help standardize this process, PTC offers a free extension called Spec-Driven Piping. Spec-Driven Piping lets teams model with pre-defined schematic data to automatically create an entire system of pipes. Despite the significant benefits, most organizations fail to take advantage of Spec-Driven Piping because of the complexity associated with their deployment and data management. 


  • Create rigid or flexible hose geometry with point-and-click automatic routing that ensure optimized designs, real-time collision avoidance, and more
  • Works seamlessly with CadActive's spec-driven piping solutions, allowing engineers to pick from specs defined in Spec-Driven Piping configuration - no more downstream manufacturing headaches from wrong clicks 

More on Spec-Driven Piping

  • Define design rules (e.g. diameters and wall thicknesses) to ensure that your team uses the same component parameters for your piping
  • Define a Master Catalog of standard pipes & fitting hardware
  • Leverage industry specifications from ASME, ISO, and more
  • Automatically validate your fitting models to ensure consistent modeling of entry features
  • Automatically deploy standard files so that your team is never out of sync
  • Share specifications and projects with the appropriate users in your organization

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