Ensuring your cables & pipes correspond with the record of authority, have correct dimensions, and follow an optimal path without interferences used to be tricky. By automatically creating pipe assemblies based on schematic data, leveraging spec-driven pipe definition, and using algorithms to optimize automatic routing, AutoRouting unclogs users from all these tedious details.
  • Schematic-driven design – use external data (.NWF, .CSV, .XML) to automatically create your pipes and ensure proper end-to-end connectivity
  • Algorithm-based routing to ensure optimized designs, real-time collision avoidance, and more.
  • [Cabling] Extract cable geometry into solids and re-create your cable or harness using Sweeps instead of Cable geometry (offers improved model performance)
  • [Piping] Create rigid or flexible hose geometry with point-and-click automatic routing
  • [Piping] Works seamlessly with RsysConfig, allowing engineers to pick from specs defined in Spec-Driven Piping configuration – no more downstream manufacturing headaches from wrong clicks.


Take tedious steps out of your cabling and piping modeling

  • Schematic-driven routing generation
  • Point-and-click automatic routing
  • Solid cable geometry extraction

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AutoRouting can leverage data from a schematic to automatically create an entire system of pipes.

Manual Creo operation would leave your engineers creating an individual pipe at a time. Instead, export metadata from your schematic (into an NWF, XML, or other input file), and AutoRouting parses that data to connect every pipe in the system instantaneously.

Flexible Piping (Hoses)

AutoRouting allows the user to automatically generate pipes and hoses with simple point and click.

Select two Coordinate Systems and a desired Linestock, and the pipe routing will automatically calculate itself. Whether to jump-start the initial design, or even for a quick test, let AutoRouting increase your team’s routing productivity by up  600%.

Rectangular Piping

AutoRouting can also automatically generate pipelines based on data imported directly from a schematic.

In this example, waveguide for a satellite payload is modeled in one step. There are a lot of opportunities to make mistakes when manually translating a 2D payload schematic into a 3D model. Leverage that same data directly and ensure that models are connected properly the first time.

Circular Piping (Semi-Rigid Cabling)

In this example, AutoRouting automatically generates a large number of initial “Semi-Rigid Coax” lines from a schematic.

When designing a satellite, there can be thousands of coax cables across the design, which can take months to model. Whether using the cabling tool or the piping tool, let AutoRouting save days or even weeks from your design.

Cable Extraction

In this example, AutoRouting will extract information out of the original cables, and will recreate “standard” features (such as curves and sweeps) that represent the same geometry.

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