Turbocharge your engineering process with better data fidelity and design flexibility

The Challenge

Even the best design teams spend too much time on tedious, time-consuming modeling tasks. By taking a data-driven approach to CAD, design teams can unlock advanced automation and focus more of their precious time on high-impact activities. CadActive Automate allows you to build the foundation to streamline your design process by leveraging data rich environments, improving model performance and reducing click-heavy modeling exercises.

Improve Design & Modeling Flexibility

Create Skeleton Models

  • Automatically create and place Advanced Assembly features
  • Automatically group multiple copy geometry features for each component
  • Easily implement best practices for large assembly management and optimize model performance without having to manually create each feature

Streamline Your Engineering Process

CadActive Automate automating a V8 Engine

Automate Configured Designs

  • With Model Builder, build a part, assembly, or drawing based on organization parameters and a predefined name formula
  • With Auto Assemble, leverage an input file to automatically construct assemblies, place parts (such as connectors) in bulk, and generate assembly BOMs

Interested in the CadActive Platform?

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