Automated Skeleton Modeling


It’s a Complex World

Things can get complicated when critical interfaces are constantly changing

Effectively managing those interfaces within large Creo assemblies is key to successful collaboration. AutoInterface makes it easier than ever to copy and update shared references between assemblies.

Automatic Reference Handling

Avoid bloated external references

It takes a lot of effort to properly build and maintain skeleton models. AutoInterface does that work for you.

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Share the Right Information

Interfaces are best shared when they are defined ahead of time

AutoInterface Publisher makes tagging critical component interfaces remarkably easy. Quickly use these in higher assembly levels to share the right stuff right away.


For most large-scale models, skeleton models are the standard when doing top-down modeling so all parts created in an assembly can be referenced without their RAM-burdening features. These skeleton models usually contain only references, such as datums and sketches. Oftentimes in 3D modeling, coordinate systems are the most important (and efficient) references that need to be properly maintained between different levels of parts and assemblies.

AutoInterface enables users to quickly create Publish Geometry features and component interfaces in part models. It further empowers users to leverage the Publish Geometry features already created by using them to automatically create Copy Geometry features into assembly skeleton models.

See key features below.

AutoInterface Publisher
  • Quickly publish multiple features at once with the push of a button
  • Find automatically by naming convention, or select manually
  • Feature naming convention can be customized to match your process
  • Automatically group the Publish Geometry features, or place them in the footer of your model tree, so that they are easy to find
AutoInterface Copier
  • Avoid building external references in your large assemblies
  • Instantly create features in an assembly skeleton, either as Copy Geometry features or stand-alone Coordinate system features
  • Create location information for all components in a sub-assembly at once and easily update these positions when design changes occur
  • Automatically group multiple Copy Geometry features for each component
  • Enforce rules about what gets created and when
  • Copy Geometry features are automatically labeled - remove the guesswork from selecting references
  • Use a component's Feature Name, Feature Parameters, or Cabling Designations
  • Import/Export component designations to Excel
  • New part number? No problem! Replace designations quickly using a map file


Effective interface management within large assemblies

  • Easy tagging of critical component interfaces
  • Automated copy and update of shared references between assemblies

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