Data-Driven Component Placement and Model Generation

Put the Right Thing in the Right Place

Populate your CAD models in a few simple clicks

AutoAssemble reads external files and instantly assembles components. Don't be constrained by repetition, let automation do the constraining for you.

Grow your Model Trees

Build entire new assemblies without the tedious process

Use an Excel file to create a ready-to-go configuration. Go from 0 to assembly in nothing flat.


From building a model tree to simply adding a list of parts to your model - it takes a significant amount of time to enter in part numbers correctly, ensure an accurate model hierarchy, and properly locate components. Considering the delicacy and complexity of these operations, these "high level" configuration operations are typically saved for an experienced CAD user... but what if it didn't have to be that way?

AutoAssemble is a quick, stand-alone application that helps save your engineers time by eliminating repetition, enabling consistency, and ensuring your models get created properly the first time.

Key Features
  • Assemble existing models to your current model based on a desired list
  • Go from system concept to model in seconds
  • Auto-create an entire model tree from an input file (supported formats include .NWF, .CSV, and .XML) and select needed start parts for desired sub-assemblies
  • Pass custom parameters from Excel to Creo and add them automatically to the "part" level, "component" level, or even to the Cabling module
  • [NEW] - Now supports an integration with Zuken E3's native 3D Routing Bridge


Data-driven component placement and model generation

  • Assembly configurations via Excel files (.NWF, .CSV, .XML)
  • Automated designation and parameter definition

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Videos + Additional Content

Full-Process Automated Cabling Creation

Watch CadActive’s automation streamline cabling creation in an electronics cabinet.

AutoInterface transfers the harness and coax connector port locations from the components to the wiring assembly. Then using a schematic data file, AutoAssemble bulk loads, assembles, and designates all connectors in one automated step. Avoid the time-consuming task of doing this one connector at a time.