Instead of manually-generated Text Files...

RsysConfig offers a user-friendly interface!

Designing a system of cables or pipes can be difficult.

Each project relies on library standards that need to be enforced from model to model. There hasn't been an effective way for users to customize and manage their ever-expanding routed systems libraries... until now.

RsysConfig is a simple and straightforward front-end interface that allows users to create and define the back-end of routed systems in Creo Parametric (cabling, piping, and spec-driven piping). No more days wasted digging through reams of text and configuration files, no more money wasted on external specialists.

Some key features include:

  • User-friendly web interface to configure Spec-Driven Piping for your organization
  • Leverage industry specifications from ASME, ISO, and more
  • Seamless Migration
    • Instantly translate existing Creo 2 or 3 data to the new formats in Creo 4
  • Validate your Fitting models
    • Ensure consistent modeling of entry features
    • Plus, no more manually adding or editing parameters
  • Automatically deploy resource files to your engineering team
    • Files write automatically, so your users are never out-of-sync
  • Make sure the right specs are used by the right people
    • share specifications and "spec projects" to the appropriate users in your organization

It's routed systems, scalable and simplified.

Also, stay tuned for updates - as we'll soon be adding integrations into Creo Schematics as well!

RsysConfig: Spec-Driven Piping Made Easy

Despite the significant benefits, most organizations fail to take advantage of Spec-Driven Piping because of the complexity associated with its deployment and data management. This video introduces RsysConfig - a new web-based interface by CadActive that allows users to create and define their Spec-Driven Piping configuration. Also, see how quick and easy it is to migrate your existing spec-driven data from Creo 2 or 3 to the new file formats in Creo 4!

LiveWorx 2017 Ignite Talk

Download the slides here: 

Ignite Talk - CadActive

LiveWorx 2017 Ignite Talk: "Creo Spec-Driven Piping - Powered by CadActive"

This video provides an overview of the benefits of Spec-Driven Piping and how RsysConfig can put the power of Spec-Driven Piping into your team's hands.