CAD automation, extensions, and add-ons for PTC Creo Parametric

CadActive offers a suite of tools that reduce administration of Creo Parametric by as much as 90%.


Build your models faster, with less clicks

Eliminate tedious operations by assembling components based on intelligent input data. Populate your CAD model and build unique assemblies with AutoAssemble

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Easy sharing of critical model interfaces

Communicate your interfaces and design intent for complex assemblies. Update references shared between assemblies and maintain skeleton models with AutoInterface.

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Putting you on the right path, from the start

Accelerate piping & cabling design by auto-generating initial pipeline assemblies, linestocks, and much more.

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Spec-driven routed systems

A no-frills interface for you to develop and maintain routed systems libraries for cabling and piping. Painless conversion of Creo 2 or 3 spec-driven data to Creo 4, 5, and 6’s new file format.

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CadActive Model Builder GUI


Make Creo Administration easy

Easily share configuration profiles and mapkeys across
teams and projects. Automatically send files across your network instead of writing batch scripts.

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PTC Marketplace

Find CadActive Technologies’ automation capabilities in PTC’s marketplace

Find more information about CadActive Technologies’ capabilities within PTC. Also find reviews for our products there!

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