/*! @brief Function to model faster */
void AutomateMyCadModels
  (const bool& user_wants_to_model_faster) {
  if (user_wants_to_model_faster) {
    AutomateMyCadModels();  // :)
  } else {
    DoThingsTheHardWay();  // :(

Custom Solutions + Software Expertise

By combining our custom Creo API (Pro/TOOLKIT and Object TOOLKIT) with practical industry knowledge, we create applications to solve an engineer's everyday problems.
If our "off-the-shelf" products can't help you directly, we can tailor an application to provide the most effective solutions for you.

Engineering automation
Go beyond modeling - use specs and requirements to create your geometry automatically. Customize PTC Creo ModelCHECK to help validate your models.
Modeling automation
Take tedious steps out of your designs using our TOOLKIT software. Create features, geometry, parts, and assemblies with the click of a button.
Data automation
Our Creo plugins can leverage outside data sources to improve communication and reduce opportunity for error.
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