November 2019 Release

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This month we were swamped improving the Creo GUIs and simplifying the architecture of RsysConfig, along with adding functionality to handle custom interfaces for AutoAssemble. We are excited to delve into each improvement and how it’ll help our users! Creo Application RsysConfig Before we dive into the details of all the cool features we made […]

October 2019 Release

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It's A Spooky New Release

This month we were busy adding functionality across our applications and platform, most notably with our new support platform powered by Freshworks! Other highlights include a vastly improved “Set Fitting Data” GUI in our RsysConfig application in Creo and more filtered dropdown menus in our web application. New Support Platform We’re happy to announce the switch […]

September 2019 Release

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For most releases, we are thrilled to show off our latest and greatest functionality additions and new improvements; this release is not quite as exciting. This month we were busy making much-needed fixes and small enhancements across RsysConfig and SettingSync. Web Application UI/UX The most significant RsysConfig Web App improvement we made was adding filters […]

August 2019 Release

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CadActive's August Release

With this release, we’re excited to bring you some crowd-pleasing UI/UX changes to our web-based interface for RsysConfig and SettingSync. In addition, we’ve also added functionality to create DRW models in Creo directly from Excel! Web Application UI/UX Updates We have made many changes in this release to make things easier for our users. For […]

June 2019 Release

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With this release, we’re excited to bring you some long-overdue changes to the AutoInterface Application! New AutoInterface Publisher AutoInterface is CadActive’s tool for automatically accurately copying component geometry into an assembly skeleton.  It allows you to create large numbers of copy geometry features at once without generating troublesome external references. Publisher for AutoInterface is the […]