LiveWorx 2018 Announcement

We’re excited to announce that we will be at PTC’s annual conference, LiveWorx 2018 – June 17th-20th in Boston, MA. In addition, we will also have a table at the PTC/USER Technical Community Open Forum happening directly after the main show on June 20th-22nd. We’re excited about the show

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The Details of External References

As a CAD assembly increases in size, load time and model performance become increasingly important factors. In one of our earlier posts (see here), we covered ways to manage assemblies and how their components interact with the top-level model in Creo. This series will cover

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SettingSync Activity Log Integration

We’ve now expanded our Activity Log feature to SettingSync as well. You can now see all of the activity for your Profiles and Mapkeys! Global Added Activity Log visibility in the dashboard to the following elements: SettingSync Profiles and Mapkeys – the activity for these

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Standardizing Spec-Driven Fittings, Part 3

This is the final post of a three-part series covering the 13 different fitting codes defined by PTC in Spec-Driven Piping (for the first two posts see here and here, respectively). In this post, we will explore the INLINE_REDUCING,  CORNER_REDUCING, BRANCH_REDUCING, and BRANCH_LET codes. BRANCH_LET PTC

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RsysConfig Activity Log Integration

We’re excited to announce the newest feature for RsysConfig, the Activity Log. You can now see all of the activity for a given object type on a given page. Your past activity will already be populated, so log in and check it out! Global Added

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Profile and Mapkey Management

This release is all about improving SettingSync, specifically the overall individual profiles and the mapkey management. Global Refactored and optimized individual SettingSync profile endpoint – made SettingSync profile downloads significantly faster Web Added a profile summary page for individual SettingSync profiles Fixed validation when adding

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Standardizing Spec-Driven Fittings, Part 2

In our last post, we went over some of the basics of Spec-Driven Piping requirements concerning parameters and went through the INLINE, INLINE_JOINT, ELBOW, CORNER, and NOBREAK fitting codes (see here). In this post, we will explore BRANCH, FLANGE, and GASKET fittings, and cover some of the other

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CadActive Announces New Channel Partnership with PTC!

We’re very excited to announce that CadActive has expanded our partnership with PTC! For the past two years, CadActive has been involved in the PTC ecosystem as a Silver-level Technology Partner. We have been developing applications, solutions, and automation for Creo Parametric, Creo Schematics, and

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Standardizing Spec-Driven Fittings

Spec-Driven Piping in Creo Parametric allows users to model piping installations at a much faster rate and more accurately than using the conventional Piping module (for further details, see our earlier blog post Why Spec-Driven Piping?). The main obstacle behind many companies using this free addition

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