Kicking off 2018

Happy New Year! This week’s release is pretty light because, thanks to all of our users’ feedback, we’re working on rolling out a new product. We’re really excited to roll it out soon – check back in a couple of weeks to learn more about

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End of 2017

This is going to be our final release of 2017. The next six weeks (which also include the holidays) are going to be entirely dedicated to the major updates we’ll be rolling out in January. Global We slimmed down the data being sent for Piping

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Organization Licenses + End Type Compatibilities

Based on all of the feedback we’ve gotten in the past few months, we’ve decided to add a new licensing option for our products – Organization or Site Licenses! Check out the details (as well as the new features for this release) below. Global We

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Performance Enhancements

Optimization, optimization, optimization – this release was all about making things faster. Global We significantly slimmed down the amount of data being sent between our applications (both in Creo and on the web) and our servers We made improvements to our emails so that they

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RsysConfig Core Elements + Creo Bug Reporting

Even more updates to RsysConfig this release. Let us know how you feel about the changes! Web We added two new Core Elements that you can manage and re-use in RsysConfig – specifically End Types and Fitting Categories Creo We’ve drastically reduced the time required

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Cable Extraction Testing + RsysConfig Import/Export

We didn’t have any release notes two weeks ago, but that’s because we were working on some massive updates. The priority these past four weeks was all about the Cable Extraction tool and RsysConfig. Global We cleaned up the process for uploading/downloading spec-driven piping files

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Updating Designs, Adding Features

We had a pretty straightforward release this week so let’s jump right in. Global We further simplified invites and added steps to validate a user’s email when they sign up With the new settings we added for all of our products, your environment is even

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General Improvements

These past two weeks have been dedicated to internal improvements. What does that mean for you? Global We’ve further simplified our sign up process, so now it’s easier than ever to get your team members on board Web We fixed a few areas in our

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Public-facing Release Notes and more

Here at CadActive, we always strive to build useful and intuitive products. However, as we added more features to our products over the past few months, we realized that it wasn’t very obvious to our users what new features we were rolling out every week.

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