This release, we added “BOLT NUT” support to RsysConfig. The “BOLT NUT” metadata is added as a core element for your Spec-Driven Piping library. From there, a specific bolt-nut combination can be added to a Fitting as a default set of bolts, or it can

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This release, we modified RsysConfig to enable “STOCKNO” parameters on Pipes and Fittings inside of Piping Specs. We also worked on some of the background infrastructures to support future performance enhancements. Global Added STOCKNO support to RsysConfig Web Improved performance of loading the Fitting list

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SettingSync Activity Log Integration

We’ve now expanded our Activity Log feature to SettingSync as well. You can now see all of the activity for your Profiles and Mapkeys! Global Added Activity Log visibility in the dashboard to the following elements: SettingSync Profiles and Mapkeys – the activity for these

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RsysConfig Activity Log Integration

We’re excited to announce the newest feature for RsysConfig, the Activity Log. You can now see all of the activity for a given object type on a given page. Your past activity will already be populated, so log in and check it out! Global Added

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Profile and Mapkey Management

This release is all about improving SettingSync, specifically the overall individual profiles and the mapkey management. Global Refactored and optimized individual SettingSync profile endpoint – made SettingSync profile downloads significantly faster Web Added a profile summary page for individual SettingSync profiles Fixed validation when adding

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Setting Management and Updates

This release is mostly internal updates to allow us to manage settings for all of our users (both general settings and SettingSync settings). Global Added ability to more easily handle user properties for setting and interface management Added ability to more easily manage settings and

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Input and AutoInterface Improvements

It’s been a while since we last released updates to our software, but we’ve been working diligently! This week, we have a couple of new features for AutoInterface. Global Added the ability for users to designate components using the “feature name” in AutoInterface Added the

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New SettingSync Features

It’s been two weeks since we launched SettingSync, and we’ve spent that time working on bug fixes and adding new functionality. So, without further delay, let’s dive right in. Global Improvements to the SettingSync interface to make it easier to use and navigate Added a

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New Product: SettingSync

We’re excited to announce our newest product – SettingSync!  SettingSync configures your users’ and teams’ environments in minutes by creating and deploying configuration profiles. It’s a new, simple way of managing “” files for your organization. No more fussing with text files or worrying about user-level settings.

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