Controlling Configuration Changes

Creo Parametric offers nearly 1700 different configuration settings. These settings can be set as “defaults” by saving a configuration text file called a file. While files are a critical part of most organizations’ CAD setups, many users don’t interface with them on a regular

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New Product: SettingSync

We’re excited to announce our newest product – SettingSync!  SettingSync configures your users’ and teams’ environments in minutes by creating and deploying configuration profiles. It’s a new, simple way of managing “” files for your organization. No more fussing with text files or worrying about user-level settings.

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The Complications of Configuration Settings

When engineers start using a new CAD tool, often times they will need to reconfigure some of the out-of-the-box settings. Things like default unit systems, template parts, file paths, and even colors can be changed and customized depending on the design, user preferences, or company

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