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Prior to this release, the Geometry Publisher and Copier were able to create Publish and Copy Geometry features of only datums (coordinate systems, points, planes, etc). Our users have been asking for support for Publish/Copy of surface features, which are often used for routing and keep-out zones. We are happy to announce that we have fulfilled these requests!

Surface Publishing

At the assembly component level, users can Publish the Bracket features they are looking to reference in the future. Below, we publish 8 coordinate systems and 4 different surface features – which get programmatically created and neatly grouped in the Footer.


Geometry Publisher programmatically creating coordinate system (datum) and surface features

Surface Copying

The Geometry Copier utilizes the published Bracket coordinate system and surface features. Below, it quickly creates copy geometry features based on what has been published in the Bracket and the other assembly components.


Geometry Copier programmatically creating coordinate system (datum) and surface features
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