We’ve been busy this summer making improvements to our spec-driven piping database RsysConfig and our latest model template automation tools. This release our biggest accomplishment was adding spec sorting management, letting our customers re-order pipes and fittings within their specs.

Spec Sorting Management 

The order each pipe and fitting family is written in corresponds to the order piping users will see them in Creo’s spec-driven piping GUIs. In the past, organizations had no choice as to the order pipes and fittings get written to the spec text files. This lead to confusion from users and in worse cases, the wrong fitting being inserted by default into a pipeline!

Now, an administrator can sort pipe/fitting families in the order that is the most appropriate and intuitive for their users. See below clip showing how we sort the order in RsysConfig to make the GASKET-SLIP fitting before GASKET-NECK in the ms spec.

Piping Spec Order Management

The order in which a fitting is written in a spec is important when we talk about which fittings Creo defaults to. Creo will select the first written gasket instance in the spec file that matches the size and schedule of the initial flange. For instance, in the case of an automatic flange/gasket pairing (Placed Beginning Flange + Automatically Inserted Gasket + Automatically Inserted End Flange), Creo will pair and place, a gasket between the two flanges. Using the new spec sorting management, administrators can choose which gasket will be the “default” for that spec – AKA the first gasket written in the text files.


Model Template Automation: LATEST

In addition to sorting management, we have been making headway with our latest model template automation. The past few months have seen the polishing and renaming of this whole application. The biggest improvement here has been adding subtypes to 2D DRW notes that are automatically generated by our application from the database. We’re excited to delve more into this and show off new functionality during our next release!

Release Notes/Contact Us

To read more specifics, visit our full release notes here.

We’re always looking to improve our applications, so if you have any comments, thoughts, or ideas that you would like to see in the applications, please reach out! We’d love to hear your feedback.

Stay tuned next month for more exciting changes!

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