This month marks our first release of the 20s! We’ve been hard at work through the New Year making massive improvements in both RsysConfig and AutoInterface. For RsysConfig, we’ve added filtering throughout the app allowing our users to search and find spec-driven piping information quicker. In AutoInterface, we’ve brought in the same “dual-tree” functionality for Copy Geometry automation that we use for Publish Geometry creation. For customers that would prefer to host our products on-premise, we’ve also containerized our application using Docker!

Web Application


We’ve added many quality of life improvements to RsysConfig this release that our users will immediately benefit from. Most organizations utilizing spec-driven piping have dozens or hundreds of fittings. Until now, there has been no easy way to find the fitting you’re looking for without extensive searching. Now, we’ve added easy-to-use filtering for both locating a fitting and applying fittings to a spec (see GIF below). 

Creo Application


Before we dive into the details of all the cool features we made this release, we want to reiterate why this will lead to a better Creo user experience. There are two parts to AutoInterface, a Publisher and Copier. 

  • AutoInterface Publisher enables simple creation of Publish Geometry features at an assembly component level.
  • AutoInterface Copier allows users to easily copy features (some they’ve already published) into a skeleton model.

Before now, both the Publisher and Copier handled these tasks in an “all-or-nothing” way. A few months back, we added a “dual-tree” GUI to the Publisher allowing users to publish specific interfaces at the assembly component level. In this release, we’ve added this same dual-tree GUI to the Copier allowing users to pick which interfaces they specifically want to copy (or uncopy) to their skeleton models (see GIF below). This gives our users greater control over their CAD models and how they want to automate them.

Release Notes/Contact Us

To read more specifics, visit our full release notes here.

We’re always looking to improve our applications, so if you have any comments, thoughts, or ideas that you would like to see in the applications, please reach out! We’d love to hear your feedback.

Stay tuned next month for more exciting changes!

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