This month we were busy adding functionality across our applications and platform, most notably with our new support platform powered by Freshworks! Other highlights include a vastly improved “Set Fitting Data” GUI in our RsysConfig application in Creo and more filtered dropdown menus in our web application.

New Support Platform

We’re happy to announce the switch from our old hodgepodge of multiple support platforms to our brand-new comprehensive platform. This transition provides a single, streamlined source of data to flow between our customers and us.

Sleek Portal View 🙂

Our new platform enables us to provide quick answers to questions by leveraging an integrated knowledge base of articles, end-to-end tracking for customer tickets (bugs, feedback, suggestions, etc.), and a smooth chat interface on our website and in our applications. Moreover, of course, it has dozens of sleek integrations with other programs that are near and dear to our team.

Creo Application

The most notable improvement we made to the Creo App this week was the overhaul of the “Set Fitting Data” GUI as part of RsysConfig. When a user wants to upload a new fitting to their database for use in spec-driven piping, they need to set the right model and feature parameters on their fittings. This process is simple enough on a single fitting model but gets much more complicated with large family tables. RsysConfig now gives much more power to users so they can apply specific parameter values to certain family table instances. Our users can then upload just those instances to their database.

“Set Fitting Data” GUI for a Valve Family Table

Aside from that, we combed over hundreds of lines of code and made numerous fixes!

Web Application UI/UX

The most significant Web App improvement this month was the continued expansion of dropdown menus across our app. These let users quickly type and automatically filter through options (shown below). This feature will enable easier searching and selection of options across our application.

Filterable Dropdown Menu GIF

All other changes were hot-fix changes to known bugs or slight performance improvements. In particular, we improved the rendering speed of rows and cells within the “grid” of our app.

Release Notes/Contact Us

To read more specifics, visit our full release notes here.

We’re always looking to improve our applications, so if you have any comments, thoughts, or ideas that you would like to see in the applications, please reach out! We’d love to hear your feedback.

Stay tuned next month for more exciting changes!

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