For most releases, we are thrilled to show off our latest and greatest functionality additions and new improvements; this release is not quite as exciting. This month we were busy making much-needed fixes and small enhancements across RsysConfig and SettingSync.

Web Application UI/UX

The most significant RsysConfig Web App improvement we made was adding filters to our dropdown menus. Instead of scrolling through an often lengthy list of dropdown options, users can now type the option they want and see that option displayed for selection (shown below).

All other changes were hot-fix changes to known bugs or slight performance improvements.

Creo Application

The most notable improvement we made to the Creo App this week was adding functionality to give an organization control of the order in which spec instances are written to Creo’s text files from our database. Now, when a user needs additional Creo selection menu control (grouping fittings in certain order for example), there is functionality in place. For example, in the below picture, an organization will now be able to rearrange the three selections in the Insert Fitting GUI however they’d like. This becomes more important as more selections are available for a fitting category.

Aside from that, we combed over hundreds of lines of code and made numerous fixes!

Release Notes/Contact Us

To read more specifics, visit our full release notes here.

We’re always looking to improve our applications, so if you have any comments, thoughts, or ideas that you would like to see in the applications, please reach out! We’d love to hear your feedback.

Stay tuned next month for more exciting changes!

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