With this release, we’re excited to bring you some long-overdue changes to the AutoInterface Application!

New AutoInterface Publisher

AutoInterface is CadActive’s tool for automatically accurately copying component geometry into an assembly skeleton.  It allows you to create large numbers of copy geometry features at once without generating troublesome external references. Publisher for AutoInterface is the tool for automating the creation of published geometry and interface features in parts.

In this month’s release, the Publisher for AutoInterface has been completely re-engineered from the ground up with a brand new user interface and expanded publishing capabilities.

AutoInterface Publisher GUI

The new user interface provides a simple overview of published and publishable geometry in the model. The geometry is displayed in two side by side geometry trees. Publishing or unpublishing geometry is as simple as moving the geometry from one tree to the other using the arrow buttons. The capabilities of the Publisher have also been expanded to include the ability to publish axes, points, and planes (with the ability to publish surfaces coming soon).

Don’t have the Creo Advanced Assembly Extension (AAX)? That’s no longer a problem! We’ve cleaned up and enhanced some of the capabilities for “direct” geometry copies. Since the AAX extension is required in order to use Publish Geometry features, we developed a much simpler way of identifying “what” is published here as well. This way, users are still able to create “stand-alone” copies of the desired geometry. Today, this only supports “coordinate system” copies, but we will be adding points, axes, and datum planes here in the near future.

Web Application Improvements

We’re also excited to bring you some new usability features for our web application! Throughout the web application, there are some times when data can’t be edited or destroyed – (because of user permissions, data dependencies, license permissions, etc.). So, to help clear up confusion, we’ve added a new framework for Tooltips to quickly highlight “why” a field or a set of data may be locked.

Web Application Tooltips
Screenshot highlighting the new tooltips

We’re always looking to improve our applications… so if you have any comments, thoughts, or ideas that you would like to see in the applications, please reach out! We’d love to hear your feedback.

Stay tuned next month for even more exciting changes!

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