This month, we have been hard at work improving both our front-end Web App and in the Creo App. Now that PTC has released Creo, we have integrated our products for it!


The biggest change we made to improve the user experience for your organization is the simplification of permissions.  We removed the “Manager” role and shortened the number of roles to three: Users, Collaborators, and Administrators.



Users have a basic “read-only” role and can view and access information. Collaborators can create, edit, archive, and delete information. Administrations are collaborators who can also manage their organization’s users and licenses.

“By simplifying permissions, we’ve given administrators a stronger ability to decide which users can modify the data in their piping configurations or Creo configuration profiles/mapkeys.”

James Sullivan


This release we’ve added the ability for Collaborators and Administrators to delete data. Before this release you could only archive data in your Master Catalog and Specs. 

“Previously, users couldn’t delete certain data which made it difficult for a team to create and manage draft data. That’s no longer an issue; any user with editing privileges can delete any piece of data they’d like.”

Sri Sonti


We’re really excited for the functionality leap AutoAssemble has taken this release. Before now, we could only assemble two levels below the top assembly. Now, we’ve added recursive functionality to this operation; it can assemble to dependencies as many assembly levels below the top as needed!

To read more specifics, visit our full release notes here.

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