This month, we’re happy to announce that we’ve made some major infrastructure changes across our applications. As always our goal is to keep improving our products as well as your user experience.


RsysConfig is now faster, more responsive, and comfortable. This helps with user navigation, so you can enjoy a more productive workflow! We created a new reconfigured dashboard with a design that helps set actions easier, has a consistent interface, and can grow with our future products and new features!  

The new dashboard includes many quality-of-life improvements, including more natural multi-row selection and editing, easier navigation for our multiple products, ability to more quickly manage and delete existing entities, and the ability to archive piping specs that you’re no longer using. On top of all of this, the web app now loads roughly 30% faster than before!

Sri Sonti


Component reference designations can often be hard to view and maintain, especially in large assemblies. Our job is to continuously make it easier for our customers to be more productive and save time while doing what they love best. With the new user interface in the AutoDesignation App (part of AutoInterface), designations can be assigned, viewed, and checked with ease. You can also import and export designations from Excel using a Designation Map.

“I wrote the AutoDesignation application and the open files from the Directory application. The process of programming it also involved building out the GUI classes that we have for the lists trees.”

Sean Rosell

Coming up next, we will be adding SettingSync into the new dashboard, and will be updating AutoInterface with some cool new features. Stay tuned as we continue to improve our products in the coming months!

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