Our updates this past week were primarily related to RsysConfig and AutoInterface. We’ve made some general improvements and also added the ability to incorporate Creo Appearances into your Piping Specs.


  • Improved performance of login operations
  • Added Appearances as a new model to keep track of Creo Appearances and colors
  • Piping Specs and Insulation Specs now both use the newly-created Appearances instead of a string for the color fields, allowing users to tie their Creo Appearances to the specs


  • Updated the Appearance creation form to have a color picker to allow users to select colors


  • RsysConfig – improved usability and performance for the Set Fitting Data and Upload Fitting Data dialogs, and enabled new options for Fittings
  • AutoInterface – added a button to Add Parameters to Drawing to allow users to quickly create notes for REF_DES and other parameters
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