This is going to be our final release of 2017. The next six weeks (which also include the holidays) are going to be entirely dedicated to the major updates we’ll be rolling out in January.


  • We slimmed down the data being sent for Piping Specs by 95% (talk about a complete overhaul!)
  • Improved our build process to keep things running smoothly


  • We redesigned part of the Piping Specs page in RsysConfig so that it’s much easier to filter for individual pipes and fittings


  • Organization/Site Licenses have now been fully implemented
  • We added support for the “Set Fitting Data” GUI in Creo 2
  • We fiixed a fair number of minor bugs in the upload/download process for RsysConfig
  • We updated the interface for the Cable Extraction tool in AutoRouting

Happy Holidays!

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