Here at CadActive, we always strive to build useful and intuitive products. However, as we added more features to our products over the past few months, we realized that it wasn’t very obvious to our users what new features we were rolling out every week. So, starting this release, we will be publishing public-facing release notes every two weeks.


  • We now have release notes (both on our blog as well as in our dashboard and products)
  • We restructured how unit systems were handled in our spec-driven piping tool, RsysConfig
  • There’s now a password reset mechanism in place in case you forget your password


  • The data tables in our web dashboard now have new filtering and sorting features (along with some performance improvements)
  • We simplified a few parts of our user invitation process


  • We can now automatically determine if an update is needed (auto-upate is coming soon!)
  • We added the Cable Extraction tool to AutoRouting
  • AutoRouting now has a ray casting mechanism for pathfinding and collision avoidance
  • AutoAssemble now uses default start parts

We’re always building new and exciting things here at CadActive, and your feedback is what helps make that happen. If you have any questions or concerns, let us know – we’re here to help.

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