Changes to Spec-Driven Piping in Creo 4

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Spec-Driven Piping in Creo Parametric allows users to model piping installations at a much faster and more accurate rate than using the conventional Piping module (for further details, see our earlier blog post Why Spec-Driven Piping?). PTC introduced two changes in Creo Parametric 4.0 that make Spec-Driven Piping easier to implement and maintain compared to prior […]

Kicking off 2018

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Happy New Year! This week’s release is pretty light because, thanks to all of our users’ feedback, we’re working on rolling out a new product. We’re really excited to roll it out soon – check back in a couple of weeks to learn more about it! Global Improvements across the board, mostly to Creo applications

Assembly Interface Management

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The bigger a system is, the more complex it is; this is no different for large CAD assemblies. Each component of the assembly is constrained to other components, sub-assemblies, and the top assembly – maintaining these references is referred to as interface management. In a normal design process, it’s not uncommon for component locations to move […]

Why Spec-Driven Piping?

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In this article, we’re going to cover the Piping module in Creo, a tool that allows users to accurately model complex piping systems. Creo offers two specific design modes when working with the Piping module: Non Spec-Driven Piping and Spec-Driven Piping. While it is possible to model a piping system in either design mode, there […]