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Recent Software Successes

Schneider Electric

"CadActive's AutoInterface and AutoAssemble provide smart automation to our design team allowing for increased efficiency and usage of modeling best practices. The time to develop harness assemblies has been dramatically decreased by speeding up the creation of skeletons and the designation process for connectors. At Schneider Electric, we especially enjoyed the focus the CadActive team place on their customer's needs. They went above and beyond to provide us with the technical support needed to ensure we make the best use out of their utilities given our specific applications."


MHI Vestas Offshore Wind A/S

"MHI Vestas Offshore Wind A/S has been working with CadActive on a project to ensure the upload and transfer of reference designators into our CAD models in Creo Parametric.

The task was not straight forward and MHI was looking for a partner having a deep insight into the capabilities of Creo Parametric while also having the software to meet the requirements. CadActive proved to be very proactive and agile in the work process. Development and the deployment of the solution went very smoothly and was delivered ahead of the timeline and below budget.

It is clear that one of the major areas of potential improvement in the CAD work of today’s world is the automation of processes. CadActive has a very strong understanding of this and the software to make it a reality."

CAD Automation with Creo Extensions Raises Performance

Design up to 10 times faster

CAD modeling is tedious, but it doesn't have to be.

CadActive automates complex design steps and simplifies them to point-and-click solutions. Whether you're creating geometry, adding fittings, or routing pipes, our tools streamline your modeling efforts.

Get it right the first time

Good teams handle mistakes - the best ones prevent them.

CadActive's standardization applications enable rule-based design and validate the choices your engineers make. Once you've eliminated errors, your team can focus on what's important.

Put the whole team in formation

Don’t be afraid of design change - be good at it.

Coordinate effectively by importing routed systems or schematic data directly into Creo. With predefined libraries and data-driven designs, your teams move in sync.